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Questions about Silver Water

Laura Anderson, MSHN


The following is my answer to a letter I got from a customer  several years ago with an important question. Please notice I am not giving him advice but rather sharing my personal experience. And as always, check with your doctor before using any health products.

I am putting this on the web site because it is the basically the same question most people ask me. I felt it would be easier to just refer them to my ‘personal testimony’ because usually most questions are very similar. I feel my testimony is comprehensive enough to answer most every question. Having said that, feel free to contact me with any questions or assistance you may need.


“Would you recommend using this product mostly externally?

How has it worked for you and your family? Thank you.”



Hello Burls, Thank you for the question!


First I must state that I am not a doctor and do not prescribe or give advice. I can only share my personal experiences and how I personally use Silver Water. I always recommend you ask your doctor before using any health products but am very confident that they will be supportive of Silver Water once they know it does not affect any medications, or other treatments but is rather an enhancement to most medical protocol. Notice Silver Water is a Colloidal Silver product, not a Silver Nitrate product. Big difference. Having said all that, let me give you my personal, not a medical opinion.


I love Silver Water. It is always in my cabinet, and I use it in many ways. First let me answer the question. I often use Silver Water internally. I drink it to kill viruses and bacterial in the body. And I use it as a nose drop to clear my sinuses. Think of your blood like swimming pool water, you have to keep it clean. Silver Water kills the germs, viruses, and bacteria that come into the body through the air, the mouth, your skin, and more. As a liquid it gets into your blood stream quickly and can stop germs quickly, so I personally drink it often.  


I use it externally as well, in my eyes, in my nose to clean my sinus, on my skin for bug bites, rash, and more. But mainly I drink it in small doses when I am feeling off, and especially if I have eaten bad food. It is great for digestive problems. Check out my pdf titled ‘Documented benefits’ with Medical Texts and Reports at the end of this page.


Burls, I have a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. I found out about colloidal silver when I worked in a Health Food store while in school. Working in the health food store I realized that many people, (my self-included) took too many health products which is a danger to the liver. After much study and comparison of various health products, I found Silver Water addressed more health problems than any other product. I realized it could be used to cover many issues all at the same time. And of course as a liquid, it passes through the body and digestive tract easier and there are no capsules or fillers to have to digest. Also, after much study, I understood that Silver Water is also an immune enhancer and is an effective help to other prescribed medications.


Silver Water is an amazing product, and we are blessed that it is grandfathered for its original uses by the FDA. I recommend it for everything. Once I found silver, I felt like it covered so many of the issues most people had, I started this business. It has also proven to be an enhancement even for prescription drugs, which we often need to take. 

I drink Silver Water almost daily because after my research, I understood that it creates a secondary immune system making us less susceptible to various sicknesses. Now, after drinking it on and off for years, I trust my body to tell me when I need to drink some. If I feel off, or have been around others that are ill, or have a scratchy throat, I start taking it. Always trust your body and its instincts. And that includes when you need to go see a medical doctor!


Occasionally, I will stop taking the Silver and take a probiotic for a month or so to regrow my internal flora. They only debated possible ‘side effect’ of Silver is that it may kill the internal flora just like pharmaceutical antibiotics do with extended use. I am not convinced of that but to err on the side of caution, I always recommend a round of probiotics after an extended use of silver or antibiotics. And most doctors are now encouraging the same.


I often put about 2oz-4oz of Silver Water in a 5-gallon bottle of filtered water to make sure it is purified. That alone keeps us healthier than most. If I get food poison or eat something and feel a little ‘off’, or have stomach cramps or more, I drink about 2oz and then once again another 2oz in 45 minutes. It totally stops all food poison or stomach issues. Two doses of silver 45 minutes apart, has been shown to have a 99% kill rate. So basically, two shots 45 minutes apart twice a day will really clear most problems. Some people take 2 teaspoons a day as an immune builder.

One of my customers had teeth problems. He would swish it in his mouth, on and off, to minimize the pain then swallow it. He would keep it up until the pain was gone or until he could get to the dentist. Same with a sore throat. And if I am having a low-grade urinary track problem, I drink a few ounces on and off for a day or two to stave it off.


With sinus, I will dilute it with spring water in my neti pot and clean out my sinus. Sometimes I include salt water with the cleanse. I also keep straight SW in a dropper bottle and use it as nose drops. If it stings, you have an infection and I recommend using it again after about 5-10 minutes. You will be amazed at how much mucus drains out of your head. I just spit out the mucus in the sink.


When I have been on the computer too long and my eyes start to get gunky, I drop it in my eyes. I have clients that cured their children’s pinkeye with the eye drops. If it burns a little in the eyes, you have an infection or a scratch in the eye. After use, it will stop burning and you know the infection is gone. Having said that, honestly, there are times I kept going and worked too long and the silver has helped me start the reversal process until I could get in to see the doctor. But now I have learned that when my eyes get blurry, I need to stop using them so intensely for a few days and use my silver water drops several times a day. It always helps.


You can spray it on your food to keep from getting sick if you are at a restaurant and not sure of the food. Or put some in juice to make it last longer in the refrigerator. If it has been sprayed on your meat, it will last in the fridge a longer time. Veggies or fruits also. I often spray meat if I feel unsure about it. Silver Water is documented to kill any bacteria including E. coli. When the dogs have an ‘episode’ like vomiting something they ate, I put it in their water. I also pour it on cuts and scrapes. It has been proven to cure parvo, again check out ‘Documented benefits’ with Medical Texts and Reports.
May be an image of text that says 'How it Works: Proponents of colloidal silver claim it is effective against every virus and illness and does not adversely affect other medications Scientific studies have shown that pure silver quickly kills bacteria, even the super-bacteria that evolve after overuse of conventional treatments. Silver acts as a catalyst, disabling an enzyme inside diseased cells. is not consumed in the process so is available to keep working again and again. Nature's Antibiotic Water Colloidal Silver Solution AOC Silver Water is amazing for sunburn or any type of burn and will help with acne. It is also very good for cuts, scraps, or wounds, on humans or animals. The little spray bottle can be carried in purse or car and sprayed on anything! A serious burn from the stove or fire, you will have to spray on and off for a while. Just keep spraying if the pain returns. The time it takes for it to stop and heal depends on the severity of the burn. This is one of the first uses of silver, in burn clinics. And it disinfects as well.

Here is the main thing I love – it will not affect any medication you are taking. If you are on any type of medicine you can still take SW as an enhancement to kill bacteria or viruses. It has been, and still is, used in IVs in special clinics to help cure difficult situations. Now having said all this, there are times we do have to go to the doctor. Nothing is a cure for it all. But it is an amazing product that could keep you from having to go to the expensive medical facilities in many cases. But be smart, if an acute problem has not cleared up in three days, go to the doctor.

If you have a chronic problem, something that is on and off for a long time, like yeast, constant stomach or urinary problem, the way to decide how much SW to use is: for every year you have had ‘this problem’ you drink Silver Water every day for a week. Example: If you have had stomach issues for 5 years, drink or use SW daily for 5 weeks. If you have had a problem for 10 years, daily for 10 weeks. If you have had a 3-year problem, daily for 3 weeks. You get the idea.

Now with any Chronic problem, using our example of a 5-year problem above, start with a higher dose the first week. Kick it off with at least 4oz daily for the first week, followed by 2oz a day twice a day for 2-3 weeks. Then drop down to just 2oz a day for the rest of your desired protocol. To maintain, some people will take a teaspoon or two a day from then on.

For acute problems for examples Food poison - I drink about 4oz to start, then 45 minutes later, 2 oz or more. Then that evening I will do that again unless I am feeling better, but usually will do it again just to be sure. Next day usually I am fine or maybe I will drink another 2oz that morning if I feel I need it or am going somewhere I don't want something to flare up. The point is, you can take as much as you can afford, it will not hurt you. If you don’t need as much as you have taken, it won’t matter because the body flushes it out. Silver Water is a Colloidal product that will flush out the urinary tract. Our product is NOT a Nitrate. I do not take Silver Nitrate. DON’T EVER drink or use a Silver Nitrate, which are products made with cell salts. Silver Nitrates and Colloidal Silver are NOT the same.


So… my short version to the question is: Yes, I take it internally as well as externally, and it has really helped my family.


Okay – Hope my opinion and testimony has answered your question.

Laura Anderson, MSHN
SW Benefits - Documentation.pdf
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