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Product Orders – Silver Water
Silver Water is a supplementary aid used in the process of recovery from colds, virus, flu, infections, and food poisoning. It reduces inflammation, revitalizes health, and boosts immunity. It may be taken internal or used topically on skin for burns or wounds. It does not adversely affect other medications. Packaged in various sizes for convince and best use.
Prices do not include shipping. Currently only shipping to locations in the USA.

How to use
As an immune builder: Drink app. 2-4oz a day.

For acute symptoms or if already ill:
Drink two 2oz doses 45 minutes apart 2-3x a day until well. Repeat every four hours for at least three days for optimum results.

For continual problems: 2-4oz daily until well. 

As first aid: Pour or spray full strength on cuts, wounds, scraps, burns, in eyes, and ears to help with itching or skin problems.

One Half Gallon - 64oz

Half Gallon

One Half Gallon - 64oz

Easier to handle and cost less to ship. Same great product and more than enough to use in many different ways.


One Gallon –128oz

One Gallon - 128oz

This is the most economical and eco-friendly way to buy our product. Makes it easier to share with the family, add it to your own holistic products, or if you are working to heal a chronic problem.



Two 16oz bottles

Sent in two 16oz bottles

Double our best seller, and save on shipping. This is a 10% discount.


16oz Bottle

16oz Bottle

16oz Bottle

Our best seller. The 16oz bottle is the most effective way to take colloidal silver for acute problems and to begin addressing chronic difficulties.


  4oz Bottle

Immune Boost – 4oz Bottle

4oz Bottle

Best size for fast relief or prevention of food poisoning. Easy to carry in the car or purse. A great size for the first aid kit to use on cuts or wounds as well. Best size to carry when traveling. Pour some in drinks or water if they are questionable.


2oz Spray

2oz Spray

2oz Spray

Great for acne, sunburn, scrapes, bug bites, or discreetly spraying on questionable food in a restaurant. Handy size fits easily in your bag. May use for pets or on plant foliage.


1oz Drops

Ear/Eye/Nose Dropper – 1oz


1oz dropper bottle

Stops itching eyes, minor infections, pink eye, low grade pain and irritation. Helps with allergy and sinus difficulty. Important to use in ears after swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans or public pools.


Basic Combo Pack

1oz Eye/Ear/Nose Drops,
4oz Bottle, 2ozSpray

Basic Combo Pack

Basic Combo Pack

Convenient sizes for travel. Easy to carry in the car, suitcase, or your purse. Smoke bothering you? Dinner made you feel a little 'funny'? Feeling sunburned, or got a bug bite? You are prepared with the combo pack.


Complete Line 


Complete Line 

64oz Bottle, 16oz Bottle,
8oz Bottle, 4oz Boost, 2oz Spray,
1oz Eye/Ear Dropper

This is one of the best ways to start! Keep the bottles to refill later. Saves on shipping cost and is a 10% saving.


Prices do not include shipping

Ionic Colloidal Silver Solution at 5ppm

How to use Silver Water
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