Silver Water
      A Colloidal Silver Solution              Silver has been used for health issues since ancient times.

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Silver Water is a safe, broad-spectrum natural antibiotic Colloidal Silver solution.
A supplementary aid used in the process of recovery from colds, viruses, flu, infections, and food poisoning. Used to reduce inflammation, it revitalizes health, and boosts immunity. Also excellent for disinfecting.

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Starter Pack
64oz Bottle, 16oz Bottle,
4oz Bottle, 2oz Spray,
1oz Eye Dropper


$155.00 value – Save $20.00

One Gallon

128 oz


Two ½ Gallon jugs
saves on shipping.


Half Gallon



Best seller

Quarter gallon


Sent in two 16oz bottles
saves on shipping.

16oz Bottle

Good size for acute difficulties.

Keep on hand for quick health response, refill smaller bottles, or as an emergency disinfectant or water purifier.


Didifect Spray

Disinfecting Spray

16oz, 8oz, 2oz

Cleaning and disinfecting.

Safe for animals

16oz – $30.00 
 8oz – $25.00
 2oz – $15.00 

All three - $60.00


combo pack 1

Combo Pack 1

1oz Nasal Spray, 1oz drops,
1oz Eye drops, 2oz Spray

Combo Pack 2

4oz Bottle – 2oz Spray
1 oz Eye Drops

Combo Pack 3

1oz Nose spray,
1oz Eye drops,
2oz Spray

Great for sinus, eyes, skin.


Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper

Stop itching, irritated eyes.
Keeps eye infection at bay.

Samll Refill Bottle
Refill Bottle

Best size to carry when traveling. Pour in drinks or water to disinfect.


Small Spray
Small Spray

For acne, rash, sunburn, wounds, scrapes, bug bites, or spraying on questionable food. May use on pets or plants.





Spray & Drops
Great for sinus and eyes.

$20.00 for both

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