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Silver has been used for a varitey of health issues since ancient times.
Silver Water is natures's antibiotoic.

Colloidal Silver Solution

Are you someone who prefers to use natural remedies to heal and maintain a healthy body? Something that reduces inflammation and boosts immunity, with no side effects? A natural product for enhancing the process of recovery?
Silver Water
A safe broad-spectrum natural antibiotic, odorless, harmless to healthy tissue, with no side effects. It aids in the recovery of disease and creates a second immune system resulting in more energy and vitality. Effective for skin problems, scraps, wounds, sores, ears and eyes. It improves digestion, aids the regeneration of damaged cells, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and prevents disease. Good for colds, flu, infection, and food poison. For topical and internal use.

Ionic Colloidal Silver Solution at 5ppm

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