Silver Water
    A Colloidal Silver Solution                  Silver has been used for health issues since ancient times.

Pets and Animals


Silver Water is a very effective health supplement for animals of all sizes, large and small. It is especially beneficial for animals that are kenneled or in stalls. It helps to reduce possible kennel cough and is an important protection from germs and bacteria in their water, or environment. Silver Water is also a very safe, effective disinfectant for animals.

It is used to reduce inflammation, revitalize health, and boost immunity. It is odorless, harmless to healthy tissue, does not affect medications, or have any side effects. It may be taken internally or used topically on skin for burns, dry eyes, or wounds. It does not adversely affect other medications. Silver Water results in more energy and vitality. It improves digestion, aids the regeneration of damaged cells, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and prevents disease.

For SANITATION add 2oz per gallon to questionable drinking water to purify it. Spray it full-strength on-air ducts, counter tops, garbage pails, cutting boards, and mold growing areas.

For FIRST AID USE spray full strength on cuts, scrapes, infected areas, or minor wounds. You may soak a cotton pad or bandage in Silver Water then place it on injured area or pour it on an injured area before bandaging. It is best to use a spray for bug bites or small scratches.

Pour Silver Water full strength on cuts or wounds. Spray on scratches, and around bedding as needed. Spray directly on animals for itching skin problems and drop into the eyes to clear excessive eye mucus.

If vomiting, give your animal one dose then another 45 minutes apart, 1oz - 2oz for small animals and 2oz – 4oz for larger animals. A dropper bottle can be an assistance with pushing small amounts.

The most effective way to give your animals Silver Water is to add it to their water. It will develop a strong immune system, as well as disinfect and clean their water. It will help keep the bacteria out of their mouth, keeping their teeth and breath clean. Just a teaspoon in a birds water will keep it purified and the bird healthy.

Elderly or sickly animals respond especially well to Silver Water. We recommend all animals have Silver Water added to their water sources.

1oz – 2oz for small animals

2oz – 4oz for larger animals
8oz – 16oz for horses

16oz Bottle

Our best seller. The 16oz bottle is the most effective way to take colloidal silver for acute problems and to begin addressing chronic difficulties.


One Half Gallon - 64oz

Easier to handle. Same great product and more than enough to use in many different ways.


One Gallon - 128oz

This is the most economical and eco-friendly way to buy our product. Makes it easier to share with the family, add it to your own holistic products, or if you are working to heal a chronic problem.


Never use Silver Water as a replacement for your Veterinarian’s advice or treatments they have prescribed. Silver water is an exceptional supplemental health enhancement, not a replacement. Your goal is to keep them healthy, develop a secondary immune system, and to quickly assist them when they have minor hurts or injuries until you can get them to the Vet should you determine they need to be seen.

So many uses makes Silver Water a true miracle!
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