Silver Water
      A Colloidal Silver Solution              Silver has been used for health issues since ancient times.

Silver has been used for health issues since ancient times

Laura Anderson, owner of is degreed with a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition through the Clayton College of Natural Health in Alabama and has a Bachelor of General Studies from Texas Christian University. She is a Certified Natural Health Facilitator, Nutritionist, Intuitive Consultant, Acupressure and Regression Therapist. 

A Certified Stephen Minister through the Lutheran Church, she also offers:
Marriage, Family, and Spiritual Christian counseling.

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Based in Weatherford, Texas, USA since 2009

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Our Silver Water is affordable because:

*We keep our packaging and marketing simple.
*We store and shipped in food grade plastic bottles to reduce shipping costs.
*It is our choice to keep prices as low as possible.
*We want to help heal the world with our product.
*Our prayer is: "May God’s blessings flow through us all.” – Alvist Rice (my SW Mentor)

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