Silver Water
   A Colloidal Silver Solution                      Silver has been used for health issues since ancient times. 

How to use Silver Water

Always talk with your doctor when taking natural health products. As with most health products, Silver Water is an enhancement and not to be taken in place of your doctors recommended protocol.

SILVER WATER is effective for chronic longstanding problems, acute recently started problems, first aid for wounds or burns, immune support, animals, plants, and sanitation of all sorts. It is very effective for dry eye, mild eye infections, pink eye, and extremely effective for sinus.  

For ACUTE PROBLEMS - something that has recently started such as an infection, influenza, a cold, a virus, or digestive difficulties including food poisoning, start by drinking 2oz of Silver Water then repeat a second time 45 minutes later. Do this: three times the first day, twice the second day, then once the third day. Often, three days is sufficient to relieve acute symptoms of sickness and help promote healing of wounds or burns on the skin. Some people who have fever may choose to take a tablespoon every hour after the initial 2oz.

For CHRONIC PROBLEMS - something that has continued for over 4 months, begin by first following the acute infection protocol. Then continue to drink just one dose of 2ozs, 3x a day for at least a week. Then you begin to take 2-4 ounces a day until satisfied. Chronic skin problems will require both spraying with Silver Water and ingesting it. Most skin problems are related to allergies. Changing soaps, launder detergents, deodorants, and shampoos can help also.

Please note - to resolve most chronic problems, continue the protocol four months for every year you have had the problem, no matter what product or treatment you are using. This principle is true for all types of healing, including emotional difficulty. Consider how long you have had the problem to determine how long it will take to remedy it.

For IMMUNE SUPPORT - drink 1-2ozs daily to increase your immune system. Hold the Silver Water in mouth for about a minute then slowly swallow it. Doing this for a few weeks, even if you feel healthy, will provide a secondary immune system to combat exposure to viruses, molds, and bacteria. Work your way down to just a tablespoon a day. When you have built up your immune system sufficiently, you may feel no need to take the Silver Water for a few days. That is your body’s way of telling you your immune system is at its optimum. Our body will always assist us with our health if we listen to it.

For SKIN ISSUES - like acne, sunburn, rash, or dry itching, spray the skin whenever there is irritation or pain. Always, feel free to take or use more continue as long as symptoms last, or stop anytime you are feeling better. If you are dealing with pain, spray on and off as often as needed. When dealing with a rash or a long-term skin problem drink 2oz or more a day as well as spray the skin.

For USE ON FOOD - Clean vegetables, fruits, and meat by spraying them with Silver Water to kill bacteria and parasites, before AND after rinsing them then putting them in the refrigerator. Spraying food or adding one ounce to juices or milk will help them stay fresh longer. Drinking Silver Water before or after a meal is an excellent digestive aid.

For DIGESTIVE ISSUES OR FOOD POSIONING, drink 2oz of Silver Water then repeat a second time 45 minutes later. This is usually sufficient for recovery. This second dose is crucially important for a 100% kill rate of bacterial, pathogens or viruses in your body. Silver’s kill rate of pathogens levels off at about 90% after 0.7 Hours, or 42 minutes. The kill will only reach about 95% after 2 Hours. A 100% kill rate will be achieved at about 1.1 Hours taking two doses 45 minutes apart.  

For SINUS OR DRY EYES, use our nasal spray, or nose drops. Make sure to use our eye drops for dry eyes or low-grade infection to clear them as well. Safe for all ages. Because it’s water.

For FIRST AID USE, spray full strength on cuts, scrapes, infection, acne, yeast infected areas, burns or sunburn. You may soak a cotton pad or bandage in Silver Water then place it on injured area. May pour in minor wounds or scratches. Soaking toes in Silver Water helps remove fungus.

For ANIMALS large and small. Both healthy, elderly, and sickly animals should have 2 oz as a dietary supplement in their water. If ill, give two doses, 45 minutes apart, 1oz for small animals, 2oz for large animals, and 4 oz – 8 oz for horses. Keep Silver Water added to their water. Spray Silver Water full strength on cuts, wounds, and around bedding as needed. Spray our products directly on animals for itching skin problems and into the eyes. Pet Page

For PLANTS, indoor or outdoor, add 1oz per gallon to water for robust plants and to combat root problems. Spray foliage infested with mold or fungus.

For SANITATION, add 2 oz per gallon to questionable drinking water to purify it. Spray full-strength on-air ducts, counter tops, garbage pails, cutting boards, and mold growing areas.

So many uses makes Silver Water a true miracle!
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