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Product Orders – Colloidal Silver for Animals

A safe broad-spectrum natural antibiotic, non-toxic, non-addictive, with no side effects. Odorless, harmless to eyes and healthy tissues. Aids in the recovery of disease and creates a second immune system resulting in more energy and vitality. Effective for skin problems, scraps, wounds, sores, ears and eyes. It improves digestion, aids the regeneration of damaged cells, reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and prevents disease

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As an immune support: For large animals, drink app. 8oz a day, diluted in the drinking water. For small animals 2-4oz daily

For acute symptoms or if already ill: Two doses 3x a day 45 minutes apart until well. May repeat every four hours for at least three days for optimum results.

For continual problems: 8oz large animals, 2-4oz small animals daily. Also dilute in their water.

As First aid: Pour or spray full strength on cuts, wounds, scraps, burns, in eyes, and ears to help with itching or skin problems. Spray on and around bedding

One Half Gallon - 64oz

Easier to handle and cost less to ship. Same great product and more than enough to use in many different ways.


One Gallon - 128oz

This is the most economical and eco-friendly way to buy our product. Makes it easier to share with the family, add it to your own holistic products, or if you are working to heal a chronic problem.


Sent in two 16oz bottles

Double our best seller, and save on shipping.
This is a 10% discount.


16oz Bottle

Our best seller. The 16oz bottle is the most effective way to take colloidal silver for acute problems and to begin addressing chronic difficulties.


Prices do not include shipping

Ionic Colloidal Silver Solution at 5ppm
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